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Pluggable Wire Joint, also called as non-stripped wire terminal connector, is a kind of connector allowing user to add a connector terminal to a wire without stripping, adopting insulation-piercing contact Technology. It bring on-production-line flexibility to manufacturer of electrical equipment because the connector length is no longer limited by up stream supplier. And project contractor will benefit from freedom of putting equipment anywhere as they want without considering the distance to power source, and the equipment will be easy to unplug from system.


  • 10X Pluggable Non-stripped Wire Terminal Connectors (5 sets)
    Item Name Non-stripped Pluggable Wire Terminal Connector
    Colour (Top/Bottom) Transparent/Black
    Polarity NO. 2
    Rated Standard IEC/EN 60664-1
    Over voltage Category EN I III
    Ingress Protection IP40
    Reusable Time < 3 times
    Rated Voltage EN 36V
    Rated Current EN 13A
    Minimum Cross Sectional Area 0,34 - 0,75 mm²
    Workable Wire Type Solid wire/Strand wire
    Workable Wire Gauge [AWG] 22-18# AWG
    Housing Material Polycarbonate
    Connection Hardware high-precision copper(Cu)
    Normal Working TEMP. -35 -+80℃
    Working Ambient TEMP. -35 -+60℃
    Flame Retardant Level UL94v-0
    Pin Surface Treatment Corrosion Resistance Cleaning

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